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・Moodleで課題提出に使用できるファイルは、教員から特別な指示がある場合を除き(※)Word形式 (DOC, DOCX)、テキストファイル(txt, rtf)、PDFのみです。※画像ファイルやExcel、統計ソフトのデータなどで提出するよう指示があった場合など。

This page is Sophia University Moodle.
Please read the instructions below carefully and you can start using in case you agree.

- Sophia's moodle is aimed at educational purpose, and prohibited using as groupware for office work and research.
- To login, use media center account.
- Please refer to here for more information about media center account and sophia.ac.jp e-mail.
- Media center recommends you to use sophia.ac.jp e-mail in Moodle, instead of your private one.
- If you use private e-mail address, the Message may not be forwarded. However you can still check the received message on Moodle top page.
- Please write your paper MS-WORD (doc, docx), Text File (txt, rtf) or PDF,if you have not received any direction from your teacher.
- Please cooperate the Moodle maintenance may be held during the vacation. It will announced beforehand.